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Download this file (APFIC-14 INF-01 Provisional list of documents.pdf)APFIC-14 INF-01 Provisional list of documents.pdf[INFO-1 List of Documents]93 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INFO_08 Trawl Guidelines.pdf)APFIC-14-INFO_08 Trawl Guidelines.pdf[INFO-8 APFIC Tropical Trawl Guidelines]793 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INFO_09 FADs.pdf)APFIC-14-INFO_09 FADs.pdf[INFO-9 Anchored FAD Guidance]2803 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INFO_10 EEAFM(comp).pdf)APFIC-14-INFO_10 EEAFM(comp).pdf[INFO-10 E-EAFM Training course]17263 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INFO_11 PSM.pdf)APFIC-14-INFO_11 PSM.pdf[INFO-11 Fishing Vessel Port Inspection]1763 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INF_03 32nd Session.pdf)APFIC-14-INF_03 32nd Session.pdf[INFO-3 Report of 32nd Session]487 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INF_04 EXCO.pdf)APFIC-14-INF_04 EXCO.pdf[INFO-4 Report 74th Executive Committee]571 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INF_05 Fish_consumption.pdf)APFIC-14-INF_05 Fish_consumption.pdf[INFO-5 Fish consumption]15243 kB
Download this file (APFIC-14-INF_07 2014 Questionnaire.pdf)APFIC-14-INF_07 2014 Questionnaire.pdf[INFO-7 2014 APFIC Questionnaire]177 kB

The  Asia-Paciifc Fishery Commision (APFIC) will convene its Thirty-third Session in Hyderabad, India 23-25th June, 2014, hosted by  the Government of India. The  Commission will be updated on development of fisheries and aquaculture in the APFIC region and discuss the work programme of the Commission and in particular the training course and materials developed during the current biennium Member countries will be invited to present significant developments and achievements in their national programmes for fisheries and aquaculture. Regional  partner Organizations will also be providing updates on their activities. The Thirty-third session of the  Commmission will immediately follow the 5th APFIC Regional Consultative Forum Meeting (5th RCFM), convened at the same  venue.  The working papers of the Thirty-third Session can be DOWNLOADED HERE. The information  documents can be downloaded from the links above.


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